Saturday, February 23, 2008

Team Outing At Guhantara - A Cave Resort

Finally after lots of planning we decided to go for an one day outing,,but where to go ..we had two options for one day outing .other for two days..two days is not at all possible with the fund allocated to the finally decided to visit Guhantara which is an underground resort at Kanakpura Road..

We booked for 22 seater Swaraj Mazda eventhough we were 23 in number....Mornng i got a call from one of guys saying that he wont be coming with us in the instead he will use his private no more issues related to seat..22 seater for 22 members..I reached office by 7.30 am and called the driver to confirm ..he was already on his way to our office..I gave hime the map to Guhantara and detailed him about the routes..:) Now you will be thinking why i am taking so much pains??Myself and Sreeja(name changed) are the coordinators of the tour..we booked the Bus + resort:)
All reached on time by 8.15 in the morning at our office.. I didnt expect all the guys to be on time..Ohh forgot to mention ..there were only 3 ladies in the group Myself,Sreeja and our HR..Everyone came at 8.15 except Sreeja..Finally after so many calls she arrived and went inside the office ..later came out after 5 to 10 mts ..may be for for make -up:) I am not confirming it though...:)
One person from our US office was also coming along..He is very tall..when i saw the bus i was bit doubtful whether he could fit in properly..somehow he managed to sit for our 1 1/2 hr journey..

Till Kanakpura it was a cool ride after taht we were going through village roads/not tared..but every 5 mts we were able to locate sign boards to Guhantara..finally after 1/2 an hour ,we reached Guhantara..

From outside it just looked like a vacant plot full of greenary..where is the cave?? we entered the main gate ..there i could see a wooden piece where you can find all types of animals/ reptiles/ birds piece of wood and so much to see..OH so we entered a nice place:) We were asked to move to our right side where we could see a cave enough for us to move around..we wfor nearly 5 mts in the dim light and reached the other end which is the main resort..

ahaha we could see sunlight pouring in...We were greeting by Mr.Deepak & Dileep who were taking care of our team for the day..We had arranged for breakfast..All were so hungry that we just went directly for breakfast ..they were serving plates made of clay:) ..Menu was good ..Poori +Bread + Idli + Vada+ Boiled Egg ..what have so much of variety to choose from..I had Poori + Boiled Egg + Bread..very good..
Where can i wash my hands..i couldnt see any wash basin nearby..finally one guy told me to move to right side where i could find a small wooden piece ..but where is the wash basin..That guy came back again and showed me how to wash my hands:) There was an automatic senser installed inside thewood.. I havent seen such a nice basin in my life:) coollll

Once my hunger is over ,I started looking around i could see a pool with rocks in the background..
Also one main hall where one side is the restaurant other end is a seating arrangement + shelf for keeping our valuables other end is madhu shala without madhu:)they didnt get a license yet..Thats it..nothing else??

After breakfast we went for beach volley beach..but volley ball ..+ same ground was used for playing cricket + badminton..They served us coffee + cookies over there + ofcourse cold water..and music was playing in the background...

Some of us went inside to play snooker & carroms ....while going inside we found one more entrance to the many entrances through tunnel:)
At about 12.00 Dileep called us to mention about rain has to be done at a particular all had to join in...we were aked to stand in the main hall..but no rain..waited for 5 mts and rain started pouring first few were dancing...finally everyone was in the dance floor..everyone enjoyed it..

Some went to pool ..Overall it was good:) It was time for lunch...Lunch menu was also good...veg + nonveg..good..but i didnt like that much..but surely food is not bad..most of them liked what to do tunnel trekking??

Went for tunnel trekking just to find out that there is not much tunnel for us to trek..atleast rock clibing..but no way..rock is not ready yet as the resort started only 2 months back..okay now what to do..everyone went on for playing different games as we had panned for leaving the resort by 6.00..Inbetween we wereserved beer + soft drinks...Alu bonda was also served as a snack was good..

I learned to play snooker & Table tennis as i didnt have any other option over there..also played chess with my friend..At about 5.30 ,i asked Alex for settling the bills..It came around bithigher than the expected value but it was worth paying...

Bye Bye Guhanatara..May be we may come back if they are including more games in the package may be not..anyways it was okay for 1 day everyone was happy....

Details of Guhanatara:
Package for Co-operates : 650/- per count
Package For Others : 750/- per count


  1. "I reached office by 7.30 am " -- ithrem neratheyo!!!! puluvadikkalle

    OTO: can u remove the word verification pls?

  2. Yedheee thendiyadaa adheee

  3. Hi Smitha,
    I was browsing to read some posts on Guhantra resort and came across your blog. You know what, I have became a fan of your blogspot. No artivles of yours left unread. Expecting new posts from you especially more on TRAVEL. Write more. Regards to Mani kutty :)
    You have inspired me to start a blog even. Tx.

  4. Nisha ,Thanks a lot for your message..I am so happy to know that you have read all my articles..woww...I am really really happy..Even i do love travel and writing about them than anything else but not much of traveling is happening now :( Need to resume this part..Saw ur blog and am a follower now..hey start writing and if u need any help ,let me know..

  5. Please improve your English !!! Co-operates ???

  6. Hey Anonymous :)
    Thanks for ur feedback:) I am still learning:)

  7. which one out of the following is best for team outing?
    1. Club Cabana
    2. Innovative film city
    3. Guhantara cave resort.

    Please advise..

  8. Hi Anonymous,

    Club Cabana and Guhantara is almost same.It will be good for team outings as both are resorts so you can utilize all the facilities. Team outings mainly concentrate on games and food.Team bonding happens more in resorts.

    Innovative film city is like a mall where you will find lots of people apart from your team.So enjoyment as a team won't work out well.

    You can even avail options of few places where they concentrate on team building activities.I am giving options. I haven't tried any of their services yet.

    These are my views and yes check with your team to see what they prefer.

  9. I was looking for my blog and found yours. Guhantara pictures are nice!
    My blog is specifically about travel experiences. As you look experienced in blogging your comments, suggestions are welcome! :-)

  10. Thanks Mukul.
    You are an expert in Photography.The pictures in your blog are too good. Is that your hobby?