Wednesday, April 30, 2008

I am Here

(Answer To My previous Post - Where Am I)

When i wrote my previous post ,i was suffering with Bronchitis and was taking heavy antibiotics for weeks.I lost the hope of even recovering from that state.

Every moment i used to think of some option which will make me healthy.So i started exercising.After one week ,my health was much better.That time i had chat with one of my friend who started learning Kalaripayattu -Martial Art from Kerala.I had read an article before ,about one keralaite running a center in Bangalore.But didn't pay much attention as i felt that i couldn't go inbetween my routine tasks of getting my kid ready for school ,going for work etc etc.

But when i got sick ,i started thinking about myself . Then i went and searched for the address and got to know that they have weekend batches which is actually comfortable for me which doesnt even affect my kid's schedule. But other problem was that whether i will be able to continue?? I also found a solution for this - compel my hubby also to join:) This will make sure that we get some time together and also to make sure that we dont miss the class.

So we joined the classes and we both liked it very much.We joined as it was a good form of exercise.But now we feel that we should continue to next level also.Instructor is also a very nice guy.Along with this,i continued to exercise and now i am happy to say that i am more health conscious now and also none of my previous illness is affecting me. One more good thing is that because we both go together ,we feel so good and get some time together which is out of work and other family issues .Also we dont get time/feel like fighting with each other.

Happy to announce that I lost 8 kgs in 1 month without having any food restriction and only doing 1/2 hr exercise daily.

Thanks to Kalari and our instructor Ranjan Mullarat.

Dr.Horton Hears A Who

Finally after so much of compulsion , my husband agreed to book tickets for the movie and he decided that he would be sleeping till the end as it was a kid's movie and also we booked for the last show on friday-8.15 pm.As usual ,depending on my hubby's prediction that we might reach early ,we started at 7.15 pm for the show.

You know the traffic in Koramangala area and that too on a weekend's..oh it was too much that we reached PVR at 8.30 pm.Already 15 mts over..Movie started at 8.15 itself :( our bad luck..

The movie was too good that we both started laughing along with my kid who was throughly enjoying the funny things which Horton was doing for protecting tiny people on a speck of dust.The way Horton crosses a broken wooden bridge by closing his eyes ,the way he dances when he reaches the other end ,all are so funny that you cant stop laughing.

Really funny movie -enjoyable for both kids and also adults.The graphics is too good. The story concept is really nice.So try and see it once..

Tuesday, April 22, 2008

Walk Pooling

You might have heard about car pooling ,auto pooling etc.But walk pooling? It's a new concept introduced by Ajay,Sapthagiri and myself.

What is walk pooling.It is sharing foot path for reaching a common destination :) Surely its pooling of a resource.We all start at same time from office and share footpath to reach the bus stop near to viveknagar signal.Then we start bus pooling:) hihi..eventhough we all are going to different places -one to Madiwala, one to Agara and one to Sarjapur Road ,we share a common bus -201 and we find it really enjoying.Also we do a bit of exercise when you compare the health benefits associated.

So i would suggest everyone to start walk pooling as it is really a nice concept which will be picked up soon and we will be the promoters:)

Imagination - Is it Good or Bad

This is all about my kid who is nearing to 4 yrs.At this stage ,they learn from whatever they see around as they couldnt make out whether its good or bad.They also start to make some stories out of the things they learn or see.Some will be extremely funny.

My kid drinks milk on her own and she has a dedicated steel glass only for her use.One day by mistake milk spilled on the carpet and she got afraid that i will scold her.So when i came back from office ,she told me this interesting story

She started like this "Amma ,today when i was drinking milk ,i felt pain in my hands.So i kept the glass on the table.But glass felt so sleepy that it lied down.When it lied down ,milk spilled and fell on carpet and chechi (my maid) tried to wake it up.But it took some time to wake that time the entire milk was on the carpet..nothing of my fault amma"

Instead of scolding her i was laughing loud.She was also happy.

Eventhough it was really funny and the entire imagination doesn't work out in the real world ,i felt good as she started thinking on her own.May be the affect of the stories we tell her every day or whatever she sees everyday.

Also read some of the few points which says imagination is the basis for invention.
Imagination plays a key role in the learning process.A basic training for imagination is the listening to story telling in which the exactness of the chosen words is the fundamental factor to 'evoke.Most famous inventions or entertainment products were created from the inspiration of one's imagination.

So parents ,read out stories to your kids.Get them more story books to improve their imagination power.

Friday, April 4, 2008

New Movie Review - Race

Race is a good thriller movie ..Its not like the normal hindi movies where there will be some love traingle and film revolves around it..The theme is entirely different..

I was not able to guess what will happen the next moment..its all about money and surely they didnt miss any of the item numbers.Surely to mention that horse races were too good and the way they cheat people in the race was amazing and looked realistic..

One thing which i didnt like is the list of double meanings used in the movie which is really bad.There is no requirement to use it but still they used many..

Race is a copy of Hollywood movie - Goodbye Lover (1999).Over all the movie is worth watching ..not at all boring..

My rating would be 3.5