Friday, August 29, 2008

Bachna ae Haseeno Movie Review

The movie is about a guy Raj (Ranbir Kapoor) and his three love relationships (Bipasha Basu ,Manisha Lamba and Deepika Padukone). I would say the movie was mainly targeted for the guys as you get to see some beautiful ladies on screen.

Movie starts with showing how Raj has cheated Bipasha and Manisha and has fallen in real love with Deepika.Then he realizes that he did a mistake.So he goes back to the girls to ask them to forgive him. Here you can find so many funny scenes which is just put in to fill up the time.After all those hungama ,everyone forgives him and he comes back and meet Deepika who waits for him:)So happy ending.

Really boring movie. I would rate it as below average.

PHOONK Movie Review

I would rate the movie-PHOONK as below average category.

The movie is all about Rajeev (Sudeep) who doesnt believe in god ,his wife and mother who are very religious and two lovely kids. Rajeev is a builder and while putting the foundation ,the workers get a stone shaped like Ganapathi from the work site.As Rajeev doesnt believe in god,he discards the whole thing and everything in his life takes a bad turn after that incident.His kid gets sick and starts behaving in a strange way. Doctors couldn't cure and finally he starts believing that kid is affected by some evil spirit.The ending is totally filled up with the steps he takes to remove evil spirit from his kid.

Though it was a horror movie ,it couldn't do any justice to the same.All i saw was dim lights and shots taken from specific angles.The story was also not a new concept and was giving a statement that science hasn't reached a state where it can solve everything and superstitions still have power.

Overall i would say that i wasted my time in watching the movie.