Friday, April 17, 2009

Marriage Thoughts

haha:) Marriage is always a loving topic for Manikutty as she saw our marriage photo and she loved the way we were dressed up for marriage.So she used to ask me everytime when she will be getting married.

Manikutty goes to daycare as we both are working and she has a big gang over there.So she will be mentioning details of each and every kid in the gang and what they did for the day to me.She tells me everything.Once i was taking her for walking and she took me to meet one of her friend Aditya.She told me that he is her new friend and he also likes her. I nodded for all her explanations.

Atter 2 weeks or so ,we were traveling together in car and she was sitting in my lap.All of a sudden she asked me "when am i getting married?".I asked why.She told ,"You get me married to Aditya".Myself and Dileep started laughing.But she didn't like that.She told its serious.

Finally i had to tell her that she is still small and so many years to pass before she gets married.
Manikutty was happy with my answer:)

Kids are so innocent

I used to tell manikutty that when she lies the next day her tongue will be infected with worms and it will be gone and she used to believe that till recently.

One day she comes and tells me "Ma,Sithara's tongue is still there.I checked it for 2 days.Nothing happened!". First i didn't understand why she was mentioning about tongue so i asked her for the reason.

"Ma ,2 days back Sithara took my chamki's (small coloured stones,sequences which is available in dresses) and she took it home.When i asked ,she is saying that she didn't take.But i saw her taking! Still she lied and you told me no when somebody lies ,their tongue will be gone.So i was noticed her tongue for 2 days.Nothing happened.You are lieing"

That time i understood that i dont have any other options to make her believe me.So i told manikutty that Sithara would have taken it by mistake and thats why her tongue is still there.But i learned a new lesson.

Never ever underestimate your kids.They understand everything.