Saturday, October 17, 2009

My experience with Chitranjali Theatre,North Paravoor

After frequent trips to native due to my brother's marriage formalities ,one day we decided to go for a movie.My mother mentioned about Chitranjali Theatre as the best one in Paravoor.Also movie -LoudSpeaker was going on ..

So we took my brothers car and left house at 4.45 pm thinking that movie timing is at 5.30 pm..When we reached there at 5.00,we could find only one auto parked infront of the threatre.Auto driver came with his family and we parked our car over there and went to check for the timings.

Movie starts at 6.00 and tickets will be sold only after 5.45...Asked for Balcony queue and i was happy to be first one in the queue..But i had to be like that for nearly 30 mts as people started pouring in by 5.30 only..Dileep took some pictures of the theatre and the notice boards displayed over have a look

Oh its not like PVR..that was the first thought which came into my mind.Ticket was costly only 30 Rs...Where is 30 Rs and where is 150 Rs which we pay in PVR..Popcorn was 10 Rs and was really okay..

By this time parking was filled up and you should see the different types of people coming together which you can't see in a PVR or a multiplex movie theatres..You can see Auto's parked next to Skoda,cycles,Maruti etc etc..not a familiar sight in Bangalore.

Got the ticket and entered the AC..many fans in the side and some just above..we can select any seat and sit..there is no numbering system..So selected the best seat available...Movie started and yes we started sweating:(...Those fans were not enough...But was happy to see the movie paying only 30 Rs and amidst the crowd..That was worth..We didn't get Manikutty as she was not interested..Also i doubt whether she will like this :( They are not used to this..But surely i should take her once as i can always show her how we lived our life as a child.

For me ,it was going back to my happy days:)

Chitranjali Theatre
North Paravur
Ernakulam District
Phone 0484 2442118

Reviews Of LoudSpeaker (Malayalam Movie)

LoudSpeaker is all about an innocent and very simple person -Gopalan whose role is played by Mammooty.He talks very loudly and he gets a name mic-Gopalan.

Movie starts with a situation where one old person - Menon is waiting for kidney donors and he doesnt have any relatives or anyone to help him.This guy has returned from US after long 45 years.Mammooty is coming as a donor ,through an agent.As both the blood groups match ,Menon asks Mamooty to stay with him until the opeartion gets over.

From this point onwards ,movie enters a humour zone as Gopalan shows the excitement of a villager in a town..almost everything looks funny for him:)Then follows the emotional part where Menon tries to understand Gopalan and Gopalan due to his innocent nature tries to help people and make them happy..

The role played by Gopalan is too good..We are missing some of the good things in life as we are always behind doing job,making money etc etc..This movie focuses on the good deeds of Gopalan when he tries to cheer up Menon and brings him back to the happy world which he left behind..

I was really inspried by this movie..The movie showcases what we all have in mind but couldn't enjoy as we all are living in a fast track world where we dont have time for the real enjoyment.Seeing a movie or enjoying food outside can't substitute the joy which we get when we do everything which we wish for.

There was one incident which i should surely mention.
Menon had a nurse coming in to his house everyday for injections.She is having an old mother who is always at home.Gopalan goes to her house and takes her mother out for movie and goes with her to all the places which she wants.When this nurse returns ,she shouts at Gopalan for taking her mother out.She points out that her mother is sick so shouldn't go out..For this Gopalan replies -you should know what's making your mother happy.. what's the point in making money when our loved ones are not happy and when you realize it ,it will be very late..I forgot the real dialogue...But that was very touching..

Movie is worth a watch 5/5 from my end..