Friday, September 10, 2010

Project Management Practitioners Conference 2010

Though i wanted to get a feel of PMP Conference from past 3 years ,i never got confidence to think about PMP..somehow felt it was not time to move up...PMP is still far away..It took me 10 years to decide ..yeah..this is my route and i really wanted to get a feel of it..

As first step ,i attended the PMP Quest training from PMI - Bangalore Chapter..(35Hrs Mandatory Training for PMP Exam)..Here met many like-minded people from different industries..Got good amount of confidence..Got inspired by the people around me..Met many junior guys as well...but Many Seniors my time is right.

Came to know about PMPC.See the brochure here PMPC_Announcement_Brochure .Registered for own money and my wish ..i don't have to answer anyone or show any receipt:)

Venue : Nimhans Convention Center
Transport : Bus (Many buses from Sarjapur Road goes here -340,341,342 ..)
                  Bus Fare:12 -16 Rs
                  Frequency : 10 Mts

First day :  I got up with a very bad cold and fever.But still decided to go..Reached there ..Got my Badge and goodies : Very easy..They had set up many counter like the ones we see when we go for our tax filing at palace grounds..So not much rush and as usual ,am early..The program starts by 9.00 and am there by 8.15 am..

It was a free session on Monte Carlo Analysis in a freezing auditorium..It was not so interesting and was sleeping throughout as my body was aching a lot and also severe head pain..Later came to know that noone liked the session..So far so good..

Came back and slept till up and had food and slept again..By morning my condition was much better though my sound was like frogs:)

Second Day : This is the real start of PMPC ..As i got my badge ,i could just walk in..As usual very early..But went and sat down at AUD 1..After inauguration and welcome note ,there was a nice talk on Aadhar .My god..It was too good...Using photos ,10 finger prints and dual iris identification to identify an individual..Now no one can fool poor or needy too..

We had a Panel discussion about "Growth through Innovation" where we had Prof.Shivanandam from IIM ,Pankaj Sinha (IBM Program Director) ,Sukumar (Vice Presidet ,Cognizant),Vishnu Bhat (Vice Presient ,Infosys) and Shouvick Mukherjee (Vice President -Yahoo)..Here we could really see where the IT people lacks and where the professors gain...As usual IT guys will always explain things without touching anywhere and finally you will be left to think whether we got the answer or not..But Professors always answer once and it will satisfy all our queries..They don't leave any room for us to doubt as the answer will cover all aspects..They are able to answer that way as they are well read people..So as IT guys ,we need to improve our reading habits not only Management books or market surveys but everything around us..This is just my opinion:)

One example which Prof.Shivanandam gave is :
In IIM ,though there is a cut off date for submitting assignments ,students don't submit on time .So they put a box for collecting assignments and will announce the time when the box will be removed..After the mentioned time ,instead of box ,you can see a waste bin..So students realized the value of time management..This is innovation..I really admire Professor..My god he was too good in answering everything and that too very good answers and you can see that only for his answers ,the entire crowd was clapping...

Had lunch..I met one of my class mate ...Was so happy to meet him after a long time...Its very nice to talk to your BTech mates after 10 years ..Everyone busy with their own life but still your classmates know you as a real person..I always felt -i have 2 faces to show my real self and the other to show my professional self...Professional self just shows you as a professional which will be totally different from what you really is..But your classmates sees your real self ..they know you much before you put on your professional had a nice talk with Avinash...I was so happy after the chat..

Finally went to Chandrayaan Session (Project Management of Space Lunar Missions by Mr.A .Krishnan -Project Director ,Chandrayaan 1 & 2.) ..It was a technical discussion but he really made sure that we understood the concepts..Finally he showed a video where it showed the entire procedure followed during the mission..Very inspirational video..India achieved something which NASA couldn't ..mainly from Bangalore and Trivandrum and with less cost...too good..India is the best..

Took a break and opted to go for second session at AUD 2 - There is nothing outside the box -It is Just a bigger box (by Sanandan Sudhir -VP of Lumium).. He showed us many videos on how they prototype and provide solutions for the people who just have ideas..very innovative ones..Just got one learning ..Always innovate..

Finally the day concluded with a keynote speech by Prof.Y.S.Rajan(Dr.Vikram Sarabhai Distinguished Professor , ISRO) .He has also co authored 2 books (India 2010 ,Scientific Indian) with Abdul Kalam..Got inspired by him too.. Will read both teh books after my PMP exam :)

Third Day : Final Day started withe welcome note and Smarter Planet speech by Jeby Cherian ( Director Strategy ,IBM) and Smash Innovation by Gopichand (GM ,GE Energy) ..He mentioned about many innovations which was started by someone else but later was named after someone..But very interesting topic..Well prepared information
Main points :
  • Create with freedom (like child)
  • Nurture with passion (like a maniac)
  • Change with detachment (like a warrior)

Now FIFA World cup 2010 (by Chetan Joshi ,Mahindra Satyam) ..Waw ..great ...really good motivator..he explained everything that they did for the FIFA and how they managed issues..Too good..really got motivated and inspired ..never ever got a chance to work in such a project..Don't forget ..this project happened at a time when Satyam was having huge attrition rate..

Attended Digital Hampi ( Rama Budhihal ,Wipro) ..Nice concept and a very nice demo..

Now i was very tired so didn't wait for the speech by T.N.Seshan and collected my certificate and came home..very tiring day..

Was that worth the money and time..Yes it was..I met many people with different views and many presentations which really motivates you to achieve better in life...

Well done PMPC Team and PMI Bangalore Chapter

I can be a doctor as well as teacher

Overheard the talk between my daughter and her friend 
Manikutty : I want to become doctor and teacher..
Her friend :You can't be both..only one..
Manikutty : No.. It is possible..See my mother ..she is an engineer as well as a librarian .So i will be doctor as well as teacher....
Ha ha ha..never thought kids will think in this direction:)