Friday, August 29, 2008

Bachna ae Haseeno Movie Review

The movie is about a guy Raj (Ranbir Kapoor) and his three love relationships (Bipasha Basu ,Manisha Lamba and Deepika Padukone). I would say the movie was mainly targeted for the guys as you get to see some beautiful ladies on screen.

Movie starts with showing how Raj has cheated Bipasha and Manisha and has fallen in real love with Deepika.Then he realizes that he did a mistake.So he goes back to the girls to ask them to forgive him. Here you can find so many funny scenes which is just put in to fill up the time.After all those hungama ,everyone forgives him and he comes back and meet Deepika who waits for him:)So happy ending.

Really boring movie. I would rate it as below average.

PHOONK Movie Review

I would rate the movie-PHOONK as below average category.

The movie is all about Rajeev (Sudeep) who doesnt believe in god ,his wife and mother who are very religious and two lovely kids. Rajeev is a builder and while putting the foundation ,the workers get a stone shaped like Ganapathi from the work site.As Rajeev doesnt believe in god,he discards the whole thing and everything in his life takes a bad turn after that incident.His kid gets sick and starts behaving in a strange way. Doctors couldn't cure and finally he starts believing that kid is affected by some evil spirit.The ending is totally filled up with the steps he takes to remove evil spirit from his kid.

Though it was a horror movie ,it couldn't do any justice to the same.All i saw was dim lights and shots taken from specific angles.The story was also not a new concept and was giving a statement that science hasn't reached a state where it can solve everything and superstitions still have power.

Overall i would say that i wasted my time in watching the movie.

Wednesday, April 30, 2008

I am Here

(Answer To My previous Post - Where Am I)

When i wrote my previous post ,i was suffering with Bronchitis and was taking heavy antibiotics for weeks.I lost the hope of even recovering from that state.

Every moment i used to think of some option which will make me healthy.So i started exercising.After one week ,my health was much better.That time i had chat with one of my friend who started learning Kalaripayattu -Martial Art from Kerala.I had read an article before ,about one keralaite running a center in Bangalore.But didn't pay much attention as i felt that i couldn't go inbetween my routine tasks of getting my kid ready for school ,going for work etc etc.

But when i got sick ,i started thinking about myself . Then i went and searched for the address and got to know that they have weekend batches which is actually comfortable for me which doesnt even affect my kid's schedule. But other problem was that whether i will be able to continue?? I also found a solution for this - compel my hubby also to join:) This will make sure that we get some time together and also to make sure that we dont miss the class.

So we joined the classes and we both liked it very much.We joined as it was a good form of exercise.But now we feel that we should continue to next level also.Instructor is also a very nice guy.Along with this,i continued to exercise and now i am happy to say that i am more health conscious now and also none of my previous illness is affecting me. One more good thing is that because we both go together ,we feel so good and get some time together which is out of work and other family issues .Also we dont get time/feel like fighting with each other.

Happy to announce that I lost 8 kgs in 1 month without having any food restriction and only doing 1/2 hr exercise daily.

Thanks to Kalari and our instructor Ranjan Mullarat.

Dr.Horton Hears A Who

Finally after so much of compulsion , my husband agreed to book tickets for the movie and he decided that he would be sleeping till the end as it was a kid's movie and also we booked for the last show on friday-8.15 pm.As usual ,depending on my hubby's prediction that we might reach early ,we started at 7.15 pm for the show.

You know the traffic in Koramangala area and that too on a weekend's..oh it was too much that we reached PVR at 8.30 pm.Already 15 mts over..Movie started at 8.15 itself :( our bad luck..

The movie was too good that we both started laughing along with my kid who was throughly enjoying the funny things which Horton was doing for protecting tiny people on a speck of dust.The way Horton crosses a broken wooden bridge by closing his eyes ,the way he dances when he reaches the other end ,all are so funny that you cant stop laughing.

Really funny movie -enjoyable for both kids and also adults.The graphics is too good. The story concept is really nice.So try and see it once..

Tuesday, April 22, 2008

Walk Pooling

You might have heard about car pooling ,auto pooling etc.But walk pooling? It's a new concept introduced by Ajay,Sapthagiri and myself.

What is walk pooling.It is sharing foot path for reaching a common destination :) Surely its pooling of a resource.We all start at same time from office and share footpath to reach the bus stop near to viveknagar signal.Then we start bus pooling:) hihi..eventhough we all are going to different places -one to Madiwala, one to Agara and one to Sarjapur Road ,we share a common bus -201 and we find it really enjoying.Also we do a bit of exercise when you compare the health benefits associated.

So i would suggest everyone to start walk pooling as it is really a nice concept which will be picked up soon and we will be the promoters:)

Imagination - Is it Good or Bad

This is all about my kid who is nearing to 4 yrs.At this stage ,they learn from whatever they see around as they couldnt make out whether its good or bad.They also start to make some stories out of the things they learn or see.Some will be extremely funny.

My kid drinks milk on her own and she has a dedicated steel glass only for her use.One day by mistake milk spilled on the carpet and she got afraid that i will scold her.So when i came back from office ,she told me this interesting story

She started like this "Amma ,today when i was drinking milk ,i felt pain in my hands.So i kept the glass on the table.But glass felt so sleepy that it lied down.When it lied down ,milk spilled and fell on carpet and chechi (my maid) tried to wake it up.But it took some time to wake that time the entire milk was on the carpet..nothing of my fault amma"

Instead of scolding her i was laughing loud.She was also happy.

Eventhough it was really funny and the entire imagination doesn't work out in the real world ,i felt good as she started thinking on her own.May be the affect of the stories we tell her every day or whatever she sees everyday.

Also read some of the few points which says imagination is the basis for invention.
Imagination plays a key role in the learning process.A basic training for imagination is the listening to story telling in which the exactness of the chosen words is the fundamental factor to 'evoke.Most famous inventions or entertainment products were created from the inspiration of one's imagination.

So parents ,read out stories to your kids.Get them more story books to improve their imagination power.

Friday, April 4, 2008

New Movie Review - Race

Race is a good thriller movie ..Its not like the normal hindi movies where there will be some love traingle and film revolves around it..The theme is entirely different..

I was not able to guess what will happen the next moment..its all about money and surely they didnt miss any of the item numbers.Surely to mention that horse races were too good and the way they cheat people in the race was amazing and looked realistic..

One thing which i didnt like is the list of double meanings used in the movie which is really bad.There is no requirement to use it but still they used many..

Race is a copy of Hollywood movie - Goodbye Lover (1999).Over all the movie is worth watching ..not at all boring..

My rating would be 3.5

Thursday, March 27, 2008

Likes & Dis-likes

When my kid was born and when we were in the hospital few days after delivery ,i was not allowed to put on fan..My mother was totally against it as she believed that it will create problems for my kid..My mom always used to give this reason-She may suffocate as she was there in incubator for 1 week and she may not be used to the same..

I am the person who can't sleep without having fan switched how did i manage..i used to act like i am sleeping and when my mother sleeps i used to getup and switch on the fan :)hihi Once my mother gets her sleep ,she wont get up i got my fan on and mine as well as my kid's sleep was peaceful..

My kid also got addicted to fan that much that in winter also she loves to sleep with fan on and without any blanket:)So unknowingly i formed a habit for her..Whether its good or bad ..i donno

I love watching Hindi movies and hates malayalam movies ..but my hubbie hates watching hindi movies and loves malayalam how can i make my kid's liking similar to mine..I used to make her sit with me whenever i am watching a movie..and sometimes i tell her the story also..After few movies ,She also started a liking towards hindi movies as she can see good scenary and good songs with mast dances..
So now our likes match ..we both have similar tastes now may be its watching MAD ,hindi movies or doing craft activities..

Most of the things i did was against the ideas put down by elders..I am not saying that you should go against elders opinion what i mean was always hear the opinions and also experiment with your ideas and also ideas you got from doctor or knowledgeable people from your generation..Generation gaps..

Once you get a suitable solution ,use it dont blindly follow anything..

Lesson to be noted :-
1)If your likes and your kids likes match ,then you will have less problems:)
2)All our likes/dislikes are created by us and it doesn't even take much time to change it...You just have to try it with your own mind..
3)Nothing is impossible..Everything is possible..
4) Very easy to change kid's opinion so dont ever forget to set the right way from childhood onwards as it will surely affect later..dont allow your kid to discard some items because he /she didnt like..let them do everything and finally once they grow up,let them decide the path they want to choose as they would have already tasted both the paths and the good/bad about each..

Monday, March 24, 2008

What Is Freedom

According to me ,Freedom is do the activities which i like without having any guilt may be its learning new language ,quit working and start some buisness,learn salsa,Be a certified handwriting analyst or changing my profession to be a phsychologist

Freedom means doing things which i like and not to be bothered about others
Freedom means enjoying shopping without even feeling the guilt of hubby getting bored
Freedom means just do things without much thinking
Freedom means taking decisions which i like
Freedom means enjoy life as a kid not thinking much about the responsibilities
Freedom means telling my opinion openly without much thinking process in the background
Freedom is everything:)

Where Am I

I am not well..A person who hates to take tablets is now taking overdose antibiotic tablets to get cured..What happened to me?As per doctor ,this is a gift from Bangalore to most of the Bangaloreans.

Any solution..ya its there..
1)Stay away from Dust,AC,pollen etc..or
2)Move back to your native..

1st solution is not at all possible in this highly polluted Bangalore but atleast i am trying this for a week..With so much of diffculty i got leave sanctioned as i am having negative balance now.I am just sitting at home taking tablets with regular inhaling and gargling ..Is it worth..Will update it on Saturday..

2nd solution..ya surely its possible notnow..May be after some more till taht time i need to struggle

How can i reduce struggle..
1) Do breathing exercise
2) Every now and then have 2 teaspoon of little warm lime water
3) Take water mixed with 2 pinches of turmeric
4) Reduce stress

Friday, March 21, 2008

Are You Ashamed About Your Disabilities

I had this topic in mind from past one week..Why are we ashamed about our disabilities? There may be some problem with us but does that mean that we are bad..NO NO and NO

One of my collegue had some treatment done to his teeth.He became very consious of the same that he started speaking in a different manner which surely pointed out his teeth problem..Actually he was trying to hide it..But instead everyone who talked to him got the info that he had some treatment done..

So was the acting he would have talked in the normal way.noone would have noticed..not only that why should you be ashamed..

In my case ,I will try to make fun of my disability before somebody could even comment..result..noone bothers to talk about it and finally they get so used to it:)

Dont ever ever worry about your abnormalities/disabilities..most of them you cant even change..So no point in worrying..

Saturday, March 15, 2008

It's Raining It's Pouring La ..La ..La..Lala

Hey after such a long time i am back..Was busy with work and also with health issues..Ya becoming fat makes you unhealthy:)so am i going for diet??not yet decided..

One more thing which made me write today...Its raining outside:)After such a long time ..I didnt expect eventhough it was reported in paper to expect a rain today or tomorrow:) I am so happy:)

I love the smell of sand when the first drops of rain touches it..wah great smell...Also you should see the plants when they get first was happily swaying to both sides..I am able to imagine the smile ,each plant was having on its face..Everywhere you can see happiness...i think even the concrete buildings hihi our flats were happy to get their shower today..Our balcony is full of water one way it looks dirty but still i am smiling as somehow i feel like playing in water:)

Great Great Day:)

Thursday, February 28, 2008

Hoo's Tales For Kids By Hippo Campus

Hoo's Tales is being organized by Hippocampus Children's Company. The event is an attempt to rediscover and revive the ancient art of storytelling in all its myriad forms for today's children, and bring in the colours, festivity and excitement of the stories

Date: March 1st 2008
Venue: Activity Area, Bal Bhavan, Cubbon Park
Time: 10:30 am to 6pm

Wednesday, February 27, 2008

Facts On Buying a New Flat

I got this as a forward from one of my friend..I found this to be useful as the person who has written it has calculated the cost of buying a flat considering even the minor points.Useful for people who are planning to buy a flat..or is that useful for changing the idea of buying a flat to buying a plot and constructing house?

Mail Starts:

I am never the one to go out and buy a flat to live, simply because I am so used to living in an independent house. Living in a flat would strangle me no ends. At the same time, I am not the one to just buy it for an investment purpose, simply because I would then have to make do with the loan that accompanies it, which I find it to be just beyond my reach when it comes to repayment.

My good friend, wanting to buy a flat in B'lore to go and live, told me to look around for one. Trusting my calculation instincts, my friend also wanted me to make sure that it would work out to be a profitable venture. I got in touch with prominent builders and checked out some basic facts regarding the flats on offer. But I was literally amazed at the results. I also had to quiz the builder on some basic terms used it the construction of a building, as the whole thing was new to me. Here are some facts laid out for you:

Q. What will be the actual 'area of living' or carpet area if the builder proposes 1000 square feet?
>> The actual carpet area will be 800-850 square feet only. The common area is also included in the proposal.
Inference: If two flats are in the same floor, then the builder collects the amount for the carpet area from both the parties.

What is the cost for the Builder?
Suppose Builder X proposes a flat in a decent residential area.
Rate (Unit Price) - Rs. 3500 sft.
Registration - Rs. 40 per sft.
EB and drainage - Rs. 50,000
Covered Car park - Rs. 1,25,000
Corpus fund - Rs. 50000.
For a 1000 sq ft flat (850 sq ft carpet area), the approximate cost will be Rs.37,65,000. In the same plot area (measuring 2 grounds) let us consider that the builder would have constructed 10 flats.

Total sales for the builder - 37, 65,000 *10 = 3, 76, 50000 (3.76 crores)
Cost of the land - Rs. 40 laks per ground
1) Total cost of the land - Rs. 80 lakhs for two grounds -------------------------------A
Total builtup area for 10 flats - 10*1000 sft = 10,000 sft
Construction cost per sft (for normal specification) = Rs. 900 per sft
2) Total construction cost - 10,000 * 900 = Rs. 90,00,000 ---------------------------B
3) Other expenses for the builder - Rs. 20 per sft = Rs. 2,00,000 --------------------C
Total expenses for the builder = A+ B+C

= Rs. 80,00,000 + Rs.90,00,000 + Rs. 2,00,00 = Rs. 1,72,00,000 ( 1.72 crores approx)
Total Sales = Rs. 3.76 crores - Rs. 1.72 crores
Total profit of the builder = Rs. 2.04 crores.

What is the cost for each resident?

1. Cost of land = Divided share among the other 10 residents
= Rs. 80,00,000 / 10
= Rs. 8,00,000
2. Construction cost = Rs. 900 * 1000
= Rs. 9,00,000
3. Other expenses = Rs. 2,00,000 (approx)
Total = 8,00,000 + 9,00,000 + 2,00,000 = Rs. 19,00,000 ( Nineteen lakhs)
So the total share for each resident is Rs. 19,00,000 ( Nineteen lakhs only) – at the most 20 lakhs.

But what do you end up paying?
Hold your breath, it's a cool Rs. 37.5 lakhs for the flat.
Whats more, you can definitely not make a cash-down payment. So the only option is to go for a housing loan. For this, you are lured by banks and other lenders for cheaper home loans. But when you actually sit down and make the calculations, you will be astonished to note that you will actually end up paying double the amount at the end of the loan repayment period.

So before thinking of buying a new flat the next time, collect as much information as you can and then decide to buy one.

Mail sent by Narayan Murthy to all Infosys staff

This is a nice forwards which i got from one of my friend..Its too good..Read it

Mail sent by Narayan Murthy to all Infosys staff:

It's half past 8 in the office but the lights are still on...
PCs still running, coffee machines still buzzing...
And who's at work? Most of them ??? Take a closer look...

All or most specimens are ??
Something male species of the human race...

Look closer... again all or most of them are bachelors...

And why are they sitting late? Working hard? No way!!!
Any guesses???
Let's ask one of them...
Here's what he says... "What's there 2 do after going home...Here we get to surf, AC, phone, food, coffee that is why I am working late...Importantly no bossssssss!!!!!!!!!!!"

This is the scene in most research centers and software companies and other off-shore offices.

Bachelors "Time-passing" during late hours in the office just bcoz they say they've nothing else to do...
Now what r the consequences...

"Working" (for the record only) late hours soon becomes part of the institute or company culture.

With bosses more than eager to provide support to those "working" late in the form of taxi vouchers, food vouchers and of course good feedback, (oh, he's a hard worker... goes home only to change..!!).
They aren't helping things too...

To hell with bosses who don't understand the difference between "sitting" late and "working" late!!!

Very soon, the boss start expecting all employees to put in extra working hours.

So, My dear Bachelors let me tell you, life changes when u get married and start having a family... office is no longer a priority, family is... and
That's when the problem starts... b'coz u start having commitments at home too.

For your boss, the earlier "hardworking" guy suddenly seems to become a "early leaver" even if u leave an hour after regular time... after doing the same amount of work.

People leaving on time after doing their tasks for the day are labeled as work-shirkers...

Girls who thankfully always (its changing nowadays... though) leave on time are labeled as "not up to it". All the while, the bachelors pat their own backs and carry on "working" not realizing that they r spoiling the work culture at their own place and never realize that they wuld have to regret at one point of time.

So what's the moral of the story??
* Very clear, LEAVE ON TIME!!!
* Never put in extra time " unless really needed "
* Don't stay back un-necessarily and spoil your company work culture which will in turn cause inconvenience to you and your colleagues.

There are hundred other things to do in the evening..

Learn music...

Learn a foreign language...

Try a sport... TT, cricket.........

Importantly,get a girl friend or boy friend, take him/her around town...

* And for heaven's sake, net cafe rates have dropped to an all-time low (plus, no fire-walls) and try cooking for a change.

Take a tip from the Smirnoff ad: *"Life's calling, where are you??"*

Please pass on this message to all those colleagues and please do it before leaving time, don't stay back till midnight to forward this!!!




Tuesday, February 26, 2008

Teaching the Value Of Money

Its very difficult to teach the new generation kids about the value of money.They feel that money will be available to them for everything..whenever they need something ,we never bother to think whether its useful ..we just buy it..

That was not the case when i was kid..i never had anything which my kid is owning today at this much of Gneration Gap..i think IT is changing our complete style of living..

My kids school started a new way to teach the value of money to kids..They had a habba where they were displaying the items made by the kids using recyclable items like news paper,used bottels etc..Every kid in the Playgroup was given 1 Rupee coin and asked to go and buy atleast 4 items from the habba by paying the money they had..Not only kids had a choice to select what they wanted ,they also knoew that they had to pay if they need something from shop..

You cant imagine the happiness in my kids face when she bought all the items - (piggy bank in the shape of bus,2 small flower pots made of clay,one carry bag,one more iteam)home.She was explaining me about why she picked up only these items from the entire lot..she told me that one of her friend picked up bangles and when i asked her the reason for not picking up bangles for her ,she told me she has enough bangles at home and she doesnt require any more..wah great ..i was very happy to hear her reply..

New generation kids think so independently and i feel they are more brilliant than us..every generation gets minimum of 25% brilliance etc:)

Saturday, February 23, 2008

Totall Mall At Sarjapur Road

New Total Mall started at Sarjapur Road..its a very big one having shops of most of the branded items and Total on the first Floor onwards..Its a huge one with so much of space and things inside..

Very much spacious than Total mall at Madiwala...Almost similar things are available..Even you can find food court..we had Chicken Biriyani and Chicken Kabab..very good..i liked the way they prepare over here..At madiwala mall ,food court is not that much good..

As this place is very near to where we stay nowonwards this will be our destination for buying Grocery and surely for hanging out:)

Its worth visting the mall..

My latest addiction - Rahul Bose & Konkana sen

After seeing some movies of Rahul Bose mainly -Mr & Mrs Iyer & Chameli ,i have become a great fan of him.Ya sure he is not a choclate hero but he looks really handsome and the way he acts is entirely different from anyone else on the screen..

Konkana is also very beautiful lady with a good talent..i love her in Mr & Mrs Iyer and Life in a Metro ..She looks entirely different in both the movies..great talent..

I am looking forward to see other movies where these two acted..They have a nice chemistry on the screen..There is a really nice scene in Mrs & Mr Iyer where they both were in love for a moment..It was really really touching..

Team Outing At Guhantara - A Cave Resort

Finally after lots of planning we decided to go for an one day outing,,but where to go ..we had two options for one day outing .other for two days..two days is not at all possible with the fund allocated to the finally decided to visit Guhantara which is an underground resort at Kanakpura Road..

We booked for 22 seater Swaraj Mazda eventhough we were 23 in number....Mornng i got a call from one of guys saying that he wont be coming with us in the instead he will use his private no more issues related to seat..22 seater for 22 members..I reached office by 7.30 am and called the driver to confirm ..he was already on his way to our office..I gave hime the map to Guhantara and detailed him about the routes..:) Now you will be thinking why i am taking so much pains??Myself and Sreeja(name changed) are the coordinators of the tour..we booked the Bus + resort:)
All reached on time by 8.15 in the morning at our office.. I didnt expect all the guys to be on time..Ohh forgot to mention ..there were only 3 ladies in the group Myself,Sreeja and our HR..Everyone came at 8.15 except Sreeja..Finally after so many calls she arrived and went inside the office ..later came out after 5 to 10 mts ..may be for for make -up:) I am not confirming it though...:)
One person from our US office was also coming along..He is very tall..when i saw the bus i was bit doubtful whether he could fit in properly..somehow he managed to sit for our 1 1/2 hr journey..

Till Kanakpura it was a cool ride after taht we were going through village roads/not tared..but every 5 mts we were able to locate sign boards to Guhantara..finally after 1/2 an hour ,we reached Guhantara..

From outside it just looked like a vacant plot full of greenary..where is the cave?? we entered the main gate ..there i could see a wooden piece where you can find all types of animals/ reptiles/ birds piece of wood and so much to see..OH so we entered a nice place:) We were asked to move to our right side where we could see a cave enough for us to move around..we wfor nearly 5 mts in the dim light and reached the other end which is the main resort..

ahaha we could see sunlight pouring in...We were greeting by Mr.Deepak & Dileep who were taking care of our team for the day..We had arranged for breakfast..All were so hungry that we just went directly for breakfast ..they were serving plates made of clay:) ..Menu was good ..Poori +Bread + Idli + Vada+ Boiled Egg ..what have so much of variety to choose from..I had Poori + Boiled Egg + Bread..very good..
Where can i wash my hands..i couldnt see any wash basin nearby..finally one guy told me to move to right side where i could find a small wooden piece ..but where is the wash basin..That guy came back again and showed me how to wash my hands:) There was an automatic senser installed inside thewood.. I havent seen such a nice basin in my life:) coollll

Once my hunger is over ,I started looking around i could see a pool with rocks in the background..
Also one main hall where one side is the restaurant other end is a seating arrangement + shelf for keeping our valuables other end is madhu shala without madhu:)they didnt get a license yet..Thats it..nothing else??

After breakfast we went for beach volley beach..but volley ball ..+ same ground was used for playing cricket + badminton..They served us coffee + cookies over there + ofcourse cold water..and music was playing in the background...

Some of us went inside to play snooker & carroms ....while going inside we found one more entrance to the many entrances through tunnel:)
At about 12.00 Dileep called us to mention about rain has to be done at a particular all had to join in...we were aked to stand in the main hall..but no rain..waited for 5 mts and rain started pouring first few were dancing...finally everyone was in the dance floor..everyone enjoyed it..

Some went to pool ..Overall it was good:) It was time for lunch...Lunch menu was also good...veg + nonveg..good..but i didnt like that much..but surely food is not bad..most of them liked what to do tunnel trekking??

Went for tunnel trekking just to find out that there is not much tunnel for us to trek..atleast rock clibing..but no way..rock is not ready yet as the resort started only 2 months back..okay now what to do..everyone went on for playing different games as we had panned for leaving the resort by 6.00..Inbetween we wereserved beer + soft drinks...Alu bonda was also served as a snack was good..

I learned to play snooker & Table tennis as i didnt have any other option over there..also played chess with my friend..At about 5.30 ,i asked Alex for settling the bills..It came around bithigher than the expected value but it was worth paying...

Bye Bye Guhanatara..May be we may come back if they are including more games in the package may be not..anyways it was okay for 1 day everyone was happy....

Details of Guhanatara:
Package for Co-operates : 650/- per count
Package For Others : 750/- per count

Dora The Explorer toy using Toilet Roll

Hihi:) I got this idea from a website
Its a cool site where we can get n number of ideas..
I was having an idea to create Dora for such a long time but i wa in search for toilet rolls..Finally i managed to get nearly 5 to 6 toilet rolls.You can make any toy out of this..i made Dora as my kid likes her a lot..Below are the instructions to make Dora

1. Draw Dora's dress+ Hands + Shoes + Face +Backpack on a white sheet on paper. You can draw by seeing the templates .This is an economic way as we dont have to spent on our print catridge
Bit costly way is to take the print of the same from the website mentioned above..better to use thick paper as this will last longer or take normal paper and stick it to thick paper which we normally get as suppliments with magazines.

2. Cut out the parts

3. Colour the parts if you have used the economic way..
Dress to be coloured -Pink +Red & Brown
Hands - Brown + Pink colour for sleeves
Shoes -White + Yellow color for socks
Backpack - Violet color
Face - Brown + Red mouth + brown eyes + Black Hair

4. Take a toilet roll and stick the dress part first.You can use cello tape also..Now stick the shoes and add the backpack over it.Fix hands and face..

5.Now Dora is ready for your use:)

Note:- you can use sketch pencil for more effective colors as crayons cant give that much clarity..i used crayons as i gave the pictures to my kid and she coloured it for me

Sunday, February 17, 2008

Movies This Weekend (16th & 17th Feb)

Finally i got the CD's of Bhoot & Krishna Cottage..i was searching for it for nearly 1 month now..yesterday i got that from landmark..Thanks to Landmark:) Eventhough both are not that much good ,i can sure tell its worth watching them once..but at night when lights are off..only then movie is interesting..

To remove the scared thoughts after watching Bhoot and Krishna Cottage ,finally i saw Koi Aap sa which is a Love/Friendship story..bit boring..but okay to watch once..Will be seeing Chameli or Viruddh tonight..hope i willbe able to complete it...bye bye..

Friday, February 15, 2008

Mickey Mouse Magic Show At Koramangala,Bangalore

Adverstisements started pouring into news papers about the magic show from Jan onwards. First got confused about the dates as i thought it was in Jan itself..but i got to know when we booked tickets at ticketpro.Tickets are too costly ...500,700 or 1000/-

We booked for 500/- for matinee ..reached there on time..saw that they were selling popcorn in covers with MickeyMouse pictures..i went to buy the same with 100/- in hand..but 100 is less..i never ever felt 100 rs doesn't have any value until i went there..Minimum amount for the items sold there was 150/-they were displaying n number of disney items..all very cute..ya i need to agree that..When i was a child not only that time,now also i love cartoon characters..whenever i get something it will have atleast one cartoon character picture on it..

Finally i decided not to buy popcorns and went inside..we got in the last row..from there it was very difficult to see the stage..Show started on time..i had to keep my kid on my shoulders so that she could see the show...Mickey,Minny,Donald Duck many characters on was a nice view...but where is magic..finally they started showing magic..i felt magic shows coming in TV channels are much much better..these people just created a hype..thats it...nothing special..but all the kids were excited to see the characters on the kid liked it very in one way it was worth it..but not worth the money i paid..

They had interval inbetween where all the guys started selling ice candy's and juices in bottles/carriages made in the shape of each of the was really cute..but cost..350/-..Every one was buying without even asking about money..i didnt have the courage to ask about money either..i just counted the amount what others were giving..finally could make out the rate..oh my God..this small candy is costing 350/-Is it kid started crying for it..finally we decided to this was just ice..nothing tasty at all...Even the straw costed 10 /-My kid started licking it as if it was the very tasty stuff which she got in her life till now..hihi:) so even that was worth paying:)If she wouldn't have liked it,then??

Show got over and we came out.There was a store set-up behind the stadium where they were selling Magic vants,Mickey,Minny,Donald Duck items..starting from 350/ onwards to 650/-.

Was the show worth the money..i would say not at all...if it was for 150/- i dont mind..but one thing which i came to know from the show is bangalore is full of people who doesn't even bother to pay money just like that..including me..If we are like this,what our kids will be doing?

The Show presenters also got to know that bangalore is worth testing as 3 days shows were extended to 20 days...:)

Sunday, February 10, 2008

Our Trip To kanyakumari -Day 2 Activities

Continuation of my earlier post - Our Trip To kanyakumari -Day 1 Activities

We got up early to see sunrise...took some pictures..eventhough we were not able to see sunset atleast we should take photos of sunrise right...we were able to see sunrise from our balcony...It was so beautiful..Thirukkural statue was looking supeb in the sunlight..We went to restaurant and had some dosa's and vada and started our second day trip:)

we got ready and went to catch the ferry to Vivekananda Rock...Oh my god..we saw a huge queue for before it was very less and we though otherway and went queue is very long...but it was fast moving...within 10 mts we reached the ferry..Inbetween ne guy gave 10 % discount coupon for Baywatch ticket..(Our next destination was baywatch anyway)..Boat was overcrowded with people ..thank God we got some place to stand near the open space from where the view was very good...finally after few minutes we landed near to Vivekanada rock memorial..
All the mandapas are also fully crowded and we were not allowed to take any photos inside....In one mandapa ,we could see the foot prints of Kanyakumari devi and in the other mandapa we could see a huge Vivekananda statue..there was one shop which was selling all the publications related to Vivekananda...We sat there for some time..took some snaps of thirukural statue which was nearby and went back in the ferry...we didnt get down at Thirukural statue as it was too crowded.
(Rock in the sea +Fishes in the pond near Vivekananda Ashram+Vivekanamda Mandapam + Madapam where Kanyakumari Devi's Footprints are kept + Photo taken at Vivekanda Rock )

We came back and went to our hotel and had nice lunch...with papad and payasam...we took and auto to reach Baywatch which is only 2 kms from our hotel...Eventhough its only walkable distance auto guy took 30 Rs to reach meters ofcourse:)
We showed our discount coupon over there and got tickets for full rides- 190/- (dry + water) and wax musuem + for camera also

First we entered wax musuem..two sections were where all models belonging to religious section was kept and other with all leaders + people in Film industry.Wax museum is worth was created by a guy-Sunil Kandallor who got inspired by madame trousseau wax museum,London and learned the technique and created all these models we have a madame trousseau replica in india:)

We went to the place where rain dance was was put in the background and water was pumping from all the places..too good...we played a lot...there was see-saw,swings and some other items for the manikutty went and played everywhere..we came back to the artificial pool as it was time for the artifical pool play...It was almost similar to the one in Wonderla ,Bangalore..I felt Wonderla is worth visting than Baywatch..Baywatch looked like a deserted place where i could see very few people eventhough it was Sunday evening and very few rides ..

We didnt have any spare we waited there for sometime till our dress got dried ..Meanwhile we saw a magic shop where one guy was showing magic and he was ready to teach magic if we buy any of the magic equipments from his shop..We didnt buy anything..we saw his magic fo some time and came back to our hotel..

Had dinner-chapathi and fish curry:)yummy:).We went back to our room and packed our luggage as we had to leave next day to Trivandrum and he had to check out hotel by 10.00 am in the morning...oh forgot..we had to see our sunrise finally..

Wah...sunrise was too good...see the pictures you can make out ..

It was a really cool trip..we enjoyed a lot...we asked the hotel guy to arrange a taxi to Trivandrum where on the way we could see Suchindra Temple,Padmanabhapuram Palace,Thiruparappu Water Falls,Hanging Bridge -(mathur) and finally reach Ginger - where our stay was arranged..We started from there by 9.00 am.. Bye bye Kanyakumari..

Tuesday, February 5, 2008

My Trip To KanyaKumari - Day 1 Activities

Continuation to my post - My Trip To Kanyakumari - Day 1 Arrival

After reaching cottage ,we kept our bags and went for having food in the restaurant...Restaurant is like a small house with 4 tables and required chairs.When we were enjoying the beauty of the restaurant ,a guy came in and told us that no food is available as its already past 10.00 am..Oh my God ,they close by 10.00 am..

what we will do next..we thought we will search for some restaurants nearby..we walked towards the gate which is 5 mts walk from our cottage..we checked with the security.He mentioned one SaravanaBhavan nearby..we walked for 5 mts then we could locate Saravana Bhavan..hotel was not that much vessel filled with chutney was available in all the tables with full flies licking it inbetween :) One guy in typical mallu style came and asked in a tamil cum malayalam language what we want...we ordered for masala dosa ,Plain dosa and Vada..wah it was was good..Sambhar was very tasty..

We walked back to our cottage and had bath.It was already 12.00 pm..we went to restaurant again..but this time restaurant was filled with people..we could see so many new chairs and tables inside filled up with mallus..2 tourist buses was parked outside..We didn'tget any seat..we went out to take some photos..We returned after some time as it was getting hot..Again back to way..we didn't get seat..we waited for nearly half an hour over there and finally that guy laid banana leaf infront of us..he had only 2 leaves left and one was damaged..then suddenly he asked whether we are hotel inmates..when we told yes he took the leaf and went inside without telling anything to us..

We were left to think about whats many thoughts came to us..i guessed they maynot provide normal food to inmates...then good or bad food...i was expecting bad..Dileep opinion was to wait and watch..after some time he appeared with 2 thali's full of veg curries + payasam + pappad and rice...Oh so we are give good food in big plates:)Food was too good...i liked it so much that i ordered for all the curries again..veg food but still very good...

We heard that ferry service to Vivekananda Rock closes by 5.00 we need to reach beach before that..Beach is next to the back gate of our hotel..Road was filled up with big trees and grass...then we saw a peacock walking nearby to was walking as if they are the inmates of the hotel.I was surprised to see so i took nearly 3 photos..

We hurried towards the beach through the back gate of our hotel.When we reached beach ,we saw a big queue for the seeing that we changed our plan to go next day morning as we felt queue won't be there..went walking towards Gandhi Mandhir..We didn't enter as we had to keep chapals outside which was huge risk:)so saw Gandhi Mandir from outside..then went to see beach..oh..actually speaking there is no beach where we can play..walls were there where we can sit and enjoy the beach..thah's it..we took some photos posing with Thiruvallur statue and Vivekananda Mandir in the background..

Thirvalluvur Statue + Vivekanda Memorial on the Vivekananda Rock

There were so many photographers there who were taking photo making couples to pose with status in teh background..we got so excited and asked one guy to take our famil photo..he took and gave us slip to collect photos from a nearby shop.. Each photo cost us 40 Rs..he took 3 photos and we paid advance 50 rs and went for exploring further in the beach..

There we saw so many shell many types and shapes of shell were there..i was not able to decide which one to take..finally i took 2 chains made of shell for my kid and then started to try to make sound by keeping shell in my sounds :(..that seller was able to make big sound in all the shells which he tried ..i tried nearly 4 and finally left it..hihi..even Dileep also couldn't do ..but he told me that he could do if he would have got some more time:)hihi:)

We went to collect our was power cut photo was not ready ..we went out again..Hey one guy was sittng there with his parrot...he was ready to tell Dileep's future..:)He chanted something and parrot took some card.By seeing that card ,he started describing future..He mentioned that Dileep will have 2 wifes and only with one he will be able to live and other one he wont be able to:)ohhh..i was not interested in the speech until i heard this...2 wifes???when i am there i wont allow him to go and search for next wife..hmm..i heard the next lines carefully..dileep may go onsite ( he often doubt about that). he will own a car this year ( sure...we already decided itlong back)...he will have a son now( surely no as that guy saw my kid he knew that my husband may want a boy next...only common sense)..then dileep wont suffer..he will die by the age of 85 ...etc etc..

Dileep got excited when he heard about 2 wifes..wah next thing he wanted to know is my future whether i have 2 husbands:)so bad as per that guy i have only one husband and i will die by the age of dileep has only 6 years to live with his second wife:) more thing he told is that i was meant to be born as a guy but somehow i am born as a lady:)hihi:)Most of my friends will agree that:) We gave 20 rs to him.

Finally that guy posed for our camera..

We went walking towards the sunset point..On the way we saw a Mandir ,Vivekananda Temple,Tsunami Statue..(This was the place were Tsunami hit very badly.Govt is trying to promote the the place by having some decoration and childrens park ..but childrens park was closed for renovation..i heard that they were having fountain show over there..and outsde its likea dumping ground for all wates and i could find all types of people living i meant i could find vessels,washed closthes everything on the way...very very dirty..i donno when Govt will be able to make the place clean..not in near future..)

Mandir + Vivekananda Mandir + Tsunami Statue

Finally we reached sunset point waited there till 5.45...sun set was not seen as sun went behind the clouds...waited for some more time and returned to hotel

On the way we saw aquariam..they had so many fishes on display..i have taken almost all the photos... Have provided a link to the album below..

We had chapathi and chiken curry + Dal fry. from restaurant..Chapathi and chicken curry was very good..went to our cottage and slept peacefully

Monday, February 4, 2008

Our Trip To Kanyakumari - Day 1 Arrival

We started on Saturday 26th Jan by early morning flight (6.30 am) to Trivandrum..Thank God..eventhough it was Air Deccan flight ,it reached on time..We reached Trivandrum by 8.30 am..Took a AC taxi from Airport to Kanyakumari..

[[Taxi charge was around 1450 for AC...we should have taken Non AC as weather was very good in the morning..not hot at wasted 450 Rs over there..Non AC was only 1000/-]]
We booked a deluxe cottage in TTDC hotel -Hotel Tamilnadu 2 weeks back .Had hell lot of difficulty in locating the hotel as we were asking the locals about Hotel Tamilnadu which they didnt even know..Someone even told us that there is no such hotel in KanyaKumari:)..finally we started asking them TTDC hotel..they showed us the exact seems that everyone over there call this hotel as Tamilnadu Tourism Development Hotel and not Hotel Tamilnadu:)

We entered the first it was looking like a vast deserted area..One guard who was standing outside helped us to locate the reception..there we could see a lady who talks tamil and little English..Dileep knows Tamil so it was easy to manage..

We expected atleast 2 star treatment..but even though we didn't recieve that much ,one guy helped us to take our luggage to our Deluxe cottage which is normally booked for Tamilnadu MP's..From outside it looked like a dormitary..But inside it was neat ..but bathroom was dirty..Deluxe cottage had 1 Main Hall,Balcony,Bedrrom,Dressing Room & Bathroom.Hotel is situated infront of the beach and next to Kerala house ..from Balcony we can see sunrise ,Thiruvallavur Statue,Gandhi Mandir and view point..its nearby to all the tourist attractions in Kanyakumari..Baywatch is just 2 kms from here..walkable distnace..Cottage Charge was 1000/- +120/- (tax) per day..only stay.Food is provided in the restaurant.Only Veg food..

Bedroom with TV & AC.

Main Hall with dining area and living with opening to balcony
View from Balcony

Kerala House (Next to Hotel Tamilnadu)

Details of the Hotel

Cape Hotel Tamil Nadu (TTDC) ,Lighthouse and Beach Road, Kanyakumari, Tamil Nadu
Ph: 04652- 246257, 246258, 246424
Bookings can be done at TTDC counter located near to Majestic Railway Station,Bangalore.