Thursday, March 27, 2008

Likes & Dis-likes

When my kid was born and when we were in the hospital few days after delivery ,i was not allowed to put on fan..My mother was totally against it as she believed that it will create problems for my kid..My mom always used to give this reason-She may suffocate as she was there in incubator for 1 week and she may not be used to the same..

I am the person who can't sleep without having fan switched how did i manage..i used to act like i am sleeping and when my mother sleeps i used to getup and switch on the fan :)hihi Once my mother gets her sleep ,she wont get up i got my fan on and mine as well as my kid's sleep was peaceful..

My kid also got addicted to fan that much that in winter also she loves to sleep with fan on and without any blanket:)So unknowingly i formed a habit for her..Whether its good or bad ..i donno

I love watching Hindi movies and hates malayalam movies ..but my hubbie hates watching hindi movies and loves malayalam how can i make my kid's liking similar to mine..I used to make her sit with me whenever i am watching a movie..and sometimes i tell her the story also..After few movies ,She also started a liking towards hindi movies as she can see good scenary and good songs with mast dances..
So now our likes match ..we both have similar tastes now may be its watching MAD ,hindi movies or doing craft activities..

Most of the things i did was against the ideas put down by elders..I am not saying that you should go against elders opinion what i mean was always hear the opinions and also experiment with your ideas and also ideas you got from doctor or knowledgeable people from your generation..Generation gaps..

Once you get a suitable solution ,use it dont blindly follow anything..

Lesson to be noted :-
1)If your likes and your kids likes match ,then you will have less problems:)
2)All our likes/dislikes are created by us and it doesn't even take much time to change it...You just have to try it with your own mind..
3)Nothing is impossible..Everything is possible..
4) Very easy to change kid's opinion so dont ever forget to set the right way from childhood onwards as it will surely affect later..dont allow your kid to discard some items because he /she didnt like..let them do everything and finally once they grow up,let them decide the path they want to choose as they would have already tasted both the paths and the good/bad about each..

Monday, March 24, 2008

What Is Freedom

According to me ,Freedom is do the activities which i like without having any guilt may be its learning new language ,quit working and start some buisness,learn salsa,Be a certified handwriting analyst or changing my profession to be a phsychologist

Freedom means doing things which i like and not to be bothered about others
Freedom means enjoying shopping without even feeling the guilt of hubby getting bored
Freedom means just do things without much thinking
Freedom means taking decisions which i like
Freedom means enjoy life as a kid not thinking much about the responsibilities
Freedom means telling my opinion openly without much thinking process in the background
Freedom is everything:)

Where Am I

I am not well..A person who hates to take tablets is now taking overdose antibiotic tablets to get cured..What happened to me?As per doctor ,this is a gift from Bangalore to most of the Bangaloreans.

Any solution..ya its there..
1)Stay away from Dust,AC,pollen etc..or
2)Move back to your native..

1st solution is not at all possible in this highly polluted Bangalore but atleast i am trying this for a week..With so much of diffculty i got leave sanctioned as i am having negative balance now.I am just sitting at home taking tablets with regular inhaling and gargling ..Is it worth..Will update it on Saturday..

2nd solution..ya surely its possible notnow..May be after some more till taht time i need to struggle

How can i reduce struggle..
1) Do breathing exercise
2) Every now and then have 2 teaspoon of little warm lime water
3) Take water mixed with 2 pinches of turmeric
4) Reduce stress

Friday, March 21, 2008

Are You Ashamed About Your Disabilities

I had this topic in mind from past one week..Why are we ashamed about our disabilities? There may be some problem with us but does that mean that we are bad..NO NO and NO

One of my collegue had some treatment done to his teeth.He became very consious of the same that he started speaking in a different manner which surely pointed out his teeth problem..Actually he was trying to hide it..But instead everyone who talked to him got the info that he had some treatment done..

So was the acting he would have talked in the normal way.noone would have noticed..not only that why should you be ashamed..

In my case ,I will try to make fun of my disability before somebody could even comment..result..noone bothers to talk about it and finally they get so used to it:)

Dont ever ever worry about your abnormalities/disabilities..most of them you cant even change..So no point in worrying..

Saturday, March 15, 2008

It's Raining It's Pouring La ..La ..La..Lala

Hey after such a long time i am back..Was busy with work and also with health issues..Ya becoming fat makes you unhealthy:)so am i going for diet??not yet decided..

One more thing which made me write today...Its raining outside:)After such a long time ..I didnt expect eventhough it was reported in paper to expect a rain today or tomorrow:) I am so happy:)

I love the smell of sand when the first drops of rain touches it..wah great smell...Also you should see the plants when they get first was happily swaying to both sides..I am able to imagine the smile ,each plant was having on its face..Everywhere you can see happiness...i think even the concrete buildings hihi our flats were happy to get their shower today..Our balcony is full of water one way it looks dirty but still i am smiling as somehow i feel like playing in water:)

Great Great Day:)