Sunday, May 23, 2010

Great Books Which I Found Recently

Very cute Educational Series For Young Kids about 4 to 8 Yrs

These are the poetry for Young Children ...I was really not very keen in reciting poems but after reading few blogs on children ,i got impressed by the advantages of poetry..

Few words from other blogs.

"A brief poem will teach a child to relate words and feelings more quickly than will a narrative or story."
"Teach your child to memorize poetry. It's a great learning and memory-building technique, and your child will feel a sense of accomplishment reciting the poetry.

"Poetry for children is a way to access areas of their imagination and grow as critical thinkers, and poems should be a part of every child’s life."

I Am Addicted To Children's Books & Landmark

I am addicted to children's books and i really think that i can dig in to any place full of books and find out a book which is very unique and would be informative..I love Landmark for this reason ..

I will be digging out and finding books from their vast collection and most of the books i find ,would have been put behind the shelves as it's not a currently moving one or not the latest hit..Funny part is ,most of the times ,Dileep would have to wait in the queue longer ,as the their machine wouldn't be recognising the ISBN number as it's an old book or the price entered for the book will be really different from the one shown in the book..Dileep knows about my craze and he is used to these scenarios now or i guess he understood his wife is little crazy and is somehow tolerating the craziness:) I am really lucky to have him as i know very few guys can tolerate these scenarios..

Recently i took a book "A Wild Elephant At Camp" by Tara Publishing. This is based on a real life incident..i got it after searching for a long time.Price on the book was 150 /- .When i went for billing ,the price shown was 6 Rs ..I was so happy..150 Rs book for 6 Rs..Great..:) But the lady in the counter was not convinced about the price and she called the store manager ,who later confimed that it was a mistake :( My bad luck..

This is just one incident and similar incidents happens everytime :)

God is crying :)

Nowadays we really enjoy the evenings in Bangalore due to the rains ..

So one day as usual ,it started raining in the evening..Manikutty came running and told  "Amma ,God is crying" .What..what's that? Sometimes i really have to ask her what she meant .I would be inbetween a task when she comes and tells me something irrelevant to what i was doing at that moment...I asked again "how you can say that god is crying?"

"Amma ,when we cry ,drops comes out of our eyes right...As God is crying ,drops are coming down to our balcony..He is very sad now."

"Oh Okay..That's how it happens..Hey how you will know when god is happy?"

"Thats simple,Amma..when sunlight is coming ,then god is smiling"...Hahaha:) Thats how all our talks end and i really wonder whether i told all these to my mom when i was of manikutty's age..It's really nice to be a mother:)