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Organic Terrace Gardening @ Bangalore - NaBloPoMo Blog Marathon Post 10

Finally ,after a long wait ,i attended the Organic Terrace Gardening Workshop by Dr. B. N. Vishwanath. It was a one day workshop from 10.30 to 5.00 pm where he discussed about organic farming and why we should take up the same at our terrace or Balcony.

Dr.Vishwanath advises us to do vegetable gardening than having flowering plants as we can use vegetables for our cooking and it's worth the money you spend in gardening.But it depends on the person's interest too.

Main advantages of Organic Terrace Gardening :
(Pictures shown are from my own kitchen garden which i did 6 months back)

- We get to eat vegetables without pesticides
- Good exercise for mind and body,stress relief as we spend nearly 10 minutes everyday in the garden
- Full greenery around your house
- You get more clean air as you are surrounded by green's
- Save money as our frequent visit to markets /shops gets reduced.
- Moreover the satisfaction you get.

Pots to be used

- 12/10 inch pots (diameter as well as height) in Cement (Paint white color so that it reflects light) ,Terracotta (Best to use) or Plastic
- 9 inch lengthy pots for growing greens -palak etc

Main point to see is that plants get sunlight everyday so that they grow strong.Dr.Vishwanath even discussed about the layouts which can be used in the Terrace Gardening ,then use of Vermi Compost,Vermi Wash,Organic pesticides like Neem water ,Tobacco water,an hands-on session on making a pot ready for gardening,info about kambha (Compost making).We did have a session by Vittal Mallya Scientific research Foundation where they introduced few organic manures/pesticides developed by them. There was a stall selling those as well as few plants..

I got to see the use of coconut husk powder (this is made in the shape of brick for easy transportation) and coconut pots (very strong okay).We should use these products as they are environment friendly and degradable.

As usual ,i bought a big bag of manure (5 Kg) which was only 50 Rs and few plants each costing 30 Rs.

It's worth attending the workshop as the workshop fee is just 300/- and you get to meet many people who share same views as you.I got many friends .

- one aunt who was a bank officer and later shifted to IT faculty role and now doing craft classes and interested in gardening.
- another old aunt who is working in HAL as engineer but really into Terrace Gardening
- one more who is a house wife and owns a beautiful garden with more than 37 varieties of Hibiscus.Before discussing with aunt ,i didn't even know that these many varieties existed.She came for the class as she wants to find out the reason why most of her plants are getting affected by some virus.
-Another gentleman who is an Architect.Till now he has cut down many trees for construction of buildings.But now he understood the use of trees and he wants to make sure that he adds his share to a more greener Bangalore.
-Other participants include people who own preschools and wanted to include farming vegetables in their curriculum so that kids will understand the use of organic farming ,few from Green Foundation ,few from software field.

Contact :

Dr. Vishwanath conducts one-day training programs for housewives and other interested persons on organic terrace gardening.He can be contacted on 28485717, 9845627217,

Info related to classes or for organic manure and pesticides.

Vittal Mallya Scientific Research Foundation #94/3 & 94/5, 23rd cross, 29th Main BTM 2nd Stage BANGALORE - 560 076 Tel: +91-80-2668 7216, 2668 7223, 2668 7183 Fax: +91-80-2668 7170 Website:

More links about him and Terrace Gardening

A Handbook of Organic Terrace Gardening – Bangalore, India
Purna Organics Terrace Garden (In Kannada)
Vegetable cultivation in Terrace (In Malayalam)
Documentary on the terrace vegetable garden (In Malayalam)

For Kambha (Compost Making)

I am using this for the past 6 months and i found it to be very effective.I don't waste any of the kitchen waste as i put this into Kambha and wait for it to be made as manure.One time investment and surely worth it for any person living in apartments.
Daily Dump

So i am planning to start my vegetable garden soon.


  1. Smitha,
    A very well written article. I am from Bangalore and interested in terrace gardening. Your article gave me a starting point pursue my interest.
    Thanks again,

  2. Thanks a lot Prathap..

    U can contact Mr.Viswanath as there is a conference on terrace gardening which is happening in Sept..

    Its a full day conference where u get to meet similar minds..

  3. Smitha,
    Good article. I attended course conducted by Dr.Vishwanath a year ago. I am planning to start a veg gardening very soon. Recently I joined blog. Here you can share lots of information. I attaching links of my flower garden.

    Hybrid Tea

    Rose Miniatures

    Grafting Of Roses




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  5. Raman ,
    woww..Thanks for sharing the same..I am impressed..U have got a lovely garden..Keep it up

    Also ,if u can share your address and contact number here ,then it would help the people reading this post to come and have a look at your garden and get inputs from you..Share it if u r willing

  6. Smitha,

    Thanks for the short and effective write up.
    Can you let me know where you got the manure. I am desperately looking for this information.


  7. Thanks a lot Karthi..
    As i mentioned in my writeup, i got the manure from Vittal Mallya Scientific Research Foundation (Address already detailed in the writeup)..You can also get organic manure from Lalbagh..

  8. Hello ,

    A nicely written article . I has also attended Dr. Viswanath's workshop in June 2010 but I was gardening for quite some time earlier. I have been blogging sine Nov 2010 and have put up some pictures of my garden. The link is given below.

    Pl visit it at your convience and I would be pleased to get your views on it as I am new to blogging !

  9. Thanks a lot KNM..

    Loved your blog and the pictures..U r already doing a good job in blogging:)..never felt u r new to blogging..keep it up..expecting some more posts on organic gardening..

  10. Thanks for sharing, I will bookmark and be back again

    Kitchen Garden

  11. Can someone please let me know when is Dr. vishwanath's next seminar for terrace gardening? I am eagerly waiting to attend his session.

  12. Wow thats good info. thanks alot. I am planning to start kitchen garden , didn't know bangalore had it already going on. Keep it up guys.

  13. Hi Anonymous,
    Please contact the address I provided in the write up above. They conduct classes very often.

    Hi Kajal,
    Thanks a lot :)

  14. Hi wanted info about where did u get the coconut pots. Tx.

  15. Thanks for sharing the blog, its really nice..Kitchen Garden is a thing in trend and place of free fruits and vegetables

    Organic Stores in Banglore

  16. Hi Anonymous, you can contact the numbers I mentioned above. They had these pots in stock.

    Hi Logan.
    Thanks a lot for your comments:)

  17. Hi, this is Arul from Chennai.I am just starting my home garden. Hope you will be interested to share your exp. in gardening. What kind of plants do you have? right now, I have started with Spinach with some success.

  18. Hi,it's really great to recycle biodegradable,using renewable energy,gardening..saturated spiritually!!

  19. Hai this is Rajesh from Bellary please let me know terrace garden is possible in bellary it suits our climate if so. Iam intreseted in teracce garden please let me know when is Dr.s Vishwanath next seminar on teracce gardening we have five members batch

  20. Arul, I am not into organic gardening at the moment as not getting time to dedicate.You can start with Spinach,Methi,Chillies and then move on to Tomatoes

    Thanks Mina for your comments.

    Hi Rajesh, You can check out the numbers mentioned in this write up for the sessions.

  21. Thanks for the article. I didn't know about the workshop until now but now I have registered for the one coming up at the end of the month. - Bhavesh

    1. Thank you so much Anonymous. Good to know that it helped you. Please do keep on visiting my blog as I would be adding one more post with some latest info too .